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About myBageecha

The family behind myBageecha, the Kabras, have always been close to nature, with a love for flora and fauna passed on across generations. As a cherished dinnertime story goes, the grandfather of Shishir Kabra, founder and CEO, once rescued two leopard pups from a forest fire and raised them before releasing them back in the wild.

No wonder that the base of myBageecha, Kuchaman house, nestled in a quiet lane in Ahmedabad, is a unique concoction of a splash of a colours, hundreds of plants, curious artefacts and a virtual menagerie of adopted dogs, birds, cats, squirrels, a fleet of fish – and the occasional friendly neighbourhood monkey.

The idea for myBageecha was born when Shishir needed easy access to a wide range of plants to grow his garden further, beyond what was offered by local nurseries. When his two sons Sharad and Saumitra returned home after spending many years in the bustling concrete jungle of Mumbai, , they resonated with this need, since it was increasingly impossible to procure suitable plants for their home by travelling to nurseries which had shifted well outside the cities.